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Our Molés and Salsas 

Molé Products

Molé (pronounced MO-lay) originates from the Aztec “molli”, means sauce or a mix.  Molé is Mexico’s national dish, but it is also the least understood of Mexico’s regional dishes.  Mexican mole was the first fusion cuisine, marrying old world spices with pre-Columbian ingredients, including native dried peppers and chocolate.  One myth is that molé is a thick, dark sauce.  In fact, there are many kinds of molés; they have a wide variety of consistencies, textures, colors and tastes.  Simple molés, such as the Sonoran red chile molé, are often thin.  More complex molés, such as Oaxacan molé, use several types of nuts and seeds to produce an elaborate sauce carrying an array of flavors and aromas.
Our molés are unique because they are made from scratch using the freshest ingredients.   Our molés are free of gluten, preservatives and flavor enhancers.  We believe that people deserve freshly made molé!  



Salsa Products

Carmen has been roasting and peeling chiles since she was 6 years old, and her salsas are unique because they are entirely handmade.  We start with fresh raw ingredients, which we source locally when available.  Making salsas for people to enjoy has been Carmen's lifelong dream.

Our salsas never include garlic salt, onion salt or dried ground peppers.  We believe in the fresh experience and a high nutritional value.  We never use water as filler, nor do we add vinegar or other acids to extend the refrigerated shelf life.  Our salsas are the freshest possible.  We package them in 8 fl oz glass jars to encourage fast consumption.


Our molés and salsas are fresh products.  Please keep refrigerated!



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