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Red Enchiladas with Sonoran Red Molé



8 oz. Sonoran red mole– this is the authentic red enchilada sauce

1 dozen corn tortillas

1 pound cooked chicken or ground meat or cheese for the stuffing

1 pound of Mexican cheese known as “queso fresco” but cheddar cheese works too

½ cup of chicken stock or water

2 tablespoons canola oil 



In a saucepan, heat the Sonoran red molé, add a little bit of canola oil for flavor. Add ½ cup of broth or water if you desire a thinner consistency. Bring it to boil and put on low heat.


Meat Preparation: Shred your cooked chicken to bite size. Try ground meat, ground lamb, turkey or just cheese!


Enchiladas preparation: You will need a flat pan, flat plate and baking casserole dish for your enchilada prep.  In a flat pan, add 1 tablespoon of oil. Start when the oil is hot. Taking one tortilla at a time, pass it through the hot oil, turning once until the tortilla gets soft, but not too quickly so that they get crispy. Then submerge the hot tortilla into the red molé sauce. Finally, put the tortilla smothered in red molé sauce in a flat plate, and put your meat or chicken in the middle. Then roll the tortilla until it is closed. Place your rolled enchiladas in a baking dish. Repeat. Top with cheese and sliced onions. If serving more then two, consider baking your enchilada casserole for 20 min at 350 degrees F. Cover with aluminum foil. You may want to sprinkle more cheese and enchilada sauce. Serve with salad and Mexican rice on the side. Enjoy!

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