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Caldo de Pollo



1 full chicken cut up

1 yellow onion, sliced up in quarters

1 cup chopped cilantro

1 head garlic

3 peeled cloves

4 medium size Russet potatoes, with skin cut in half

6 Carrots, peeled cut in large in large pieces

1 table spoon of salt 

4 Corn (optional), husked and cut in halves




Remove the skin from the chicken and put in a large pot. Add onion, 4 garlic cloves and add salt. Let boil on high heat, remove the foam. Reduce heat to medium-low. Cook slowly for 20-30 min. Add all the vegetables. Cook for another 10-20 min on low. Taste and add salt if needed. Do not overcook the chicken, or it will get too soft and lose its flavor. The chicken should look firm. Add 1 cup of cilantro on top 5 min before serving.


This is a excellent soup to lift the spirits. Consider adding our roasted tomato salsa to spice it up a bit! Remember to squeeze some fresh key lime into the soup.  Serve with with Mexican rice, avocado and warm corn tortillas on the side.

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