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Back from Florence Italy!

Dear Carmen’s Salsa Friends,

Our family just returned to our beloved Boulder Colorado from our Sabbatical trip in Florence Italy​! The trip was just one of those experiences that we could not let it pass. How could you say NO to Tuscany? We learned so much about the local food, language, culture and just how to live outside our comfort zone. Our kids were amazing: they went to an Italian-only school for the complete academic year and they learned Italian alla Fiorentina. I will tell you more about my Italian stories when you visit at the market, and now that I speak Italian (intermediate level) I will be looking for Italian speaking folks to practice.

My highlights include a family farm trip to Azienda Pecora Nera outside of Florence help harvest olives in the fall and a unique excursion in Guastalla Italy for a Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese factory tour in the spring.

​I am happy to be back home but I am going to miss the great wine and easy access fresh bread, prosciutto di parma, salame toscano, pecorino cheese among other wonders. I’ve learned to make freshly made pasta, pestos, salsa al pomodoro and pizza. I ​can't stop thinking about at least 3 Tuscan inspired sauces and pesto’s.

I have resumed business at the Boulder Farmers Market in Boulder. I really missed it and I am happy to know that my customers did not forget about Carmen's Salsa and Moles.

​Watch " Carmen's Italy: Food and Culture" slide show with fun facts about our trip!

​See you at the Market!


"Food brings people together"

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