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Chile Rellenos

I learned this recipe from my grandmother. Nana Consuelo is from Durango, Mexico. While all my cousins were playing outside, I was observing my grandma’s process and transformation of making chile rellenos. Nana Consuelo’s Chile Relleno recipe planted a seed in me to reproduce her flavors and document her techniques for others to learn. The roasted tomato salsa was my addition to complete chiles rellenos flavor profile.

Northern Chile Rellenos


12 Anaheim Chiles (Hatch chiles will work too)

1 pound of Mexican Cheese (el Mexicano brand is a good one)

6 eggs

1 small bottle of Sunflower oil (Corn, vegetable or canola will work not Olive Oil)

1 small box of toothpicks (optional)

2 cups of all-purpose flour (use rice flour if gluten is an issue)


Comal (flat pan or griddle)

Large frying pan (skillet, nonstick preferable)


Metal bowl

Batter mixer

Flat plate

Baking dish (lasagna pan) 8.9 inch x 13.2 inch - metal or glass (pyrex) or similar


Preparing the Chiles

dry roast the Anaheim chiles by putting them on a very hot flat pan or comal. Keep turning them until the skin is ready to peel off. About 80% roasted but not burnt. Put them all into a plastic bag and close the bag. Wait for 5 min, during this time the chiles get steamed, which helps the skin separate from the chiles. Peel all the chiles carefully, be gentle with the flesh of the chile. Keep the stems on the chiles.

Preparing the cheese and stuffing the chiles

Cut the Mexican cheese into small bars (~ 2 in x ½ inch) and set aside. Open the chiles but carefully making a slit through the top part of the chiles, and begin stuffing the chiles with cheese, until the Chile is full. May use toothpicks to seal the slit, optional. In a flat plate put 1 cup of flour and spread across the plate. Put 3 chiles there and lightly coat all over.

Preparing the Egg Batter:

Making the egg batter. Separate the eggs whites from the yolks. Save the yolks for later. With a mixer, beat egg whites, in a metal bowl, until white and fluffy. Then return the yolks into the egg batter and continue to mix. The egg batter should look yellow, soft and fluffy.

Cooking the Chiles:

Heat a large skillet (frying pan), put enough oil to cover the flat surface about 3 tablespoons of oil. A lot of oil is needed for the chiles to cook well. Use medium heat. Oil needs to be hot but not very hot that the oil is burning. Take flour coated chiles, Holding the chile firmly, submerge them into the egg batter and quickly then put into the hot skillet. Cook no more than 3-4 in the skillet. Wait until the bottom is cooked (1-2 min) and hold the chile by the stem turning once, Use a spatula if needed. The chiles should be looking golden brown. Put the cooked chiles in a glass baking dish. Cover with foil to keep them warm. Can be served with a side of Mexican rice and fresh roasted tomato salsa over the chiles. Frijoles de la Olla( beans from the pot) can be served as a side dish as well.


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